Thursday, December 2, 2010

~ Bald Eagles & An Early Christmas Present ~

Today I went out to get wood and noticed an adult Bald Eagle soaring overhead. So, naturally, I went in to get my camera. After taking a few photos an immature Bald Eagle appeared and they began to tussle in the air. Unfortunately they were at such a high altitude I did not get a clear picture of both of them.

Okay, so the eagles were a nice surprise. But what was to come later was an even bigger surprise...

A puppy! "Crockett" is 7 months old and is 3/4 Airedale Terrier and 1/4 Bouvier des Flaunders.

His first bath...

He is the perfect pooch for us. :)

What's the funny part about it? Grandpa, Grandma and Mom showed up carrying Crockett while we were watching Disney's "Davy Crockett." He was named "Crockett" before we even knew we were definitely getting him!

~ Mara

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