Saturday, December 18, 2010

~ Bird Nerd ~

That's me!

I love birds. From sparrows to eagles and woodpeckers to cranes, each bird is unique. Different diets, habitats, nests and eggs - they're like thumbprints.

2010 has probably been my busiest year of all. A lot of things happened and I did quite a bit of work with area GOP candidates. Unfortunately, I did not do as much birding as I wanted to. I did see over 30 Whooping Cranes, and I did see a Barn Owl fly in front of the living room window yesterday . . . But I love serious birding. Walking through the woods with a field guide, a checklist and a camera - without a sound.

For those who would like to know what bird books to get, I suggest the work of David Allen Sibley. The bird guide that I have is not the most informative book, but it does tell the basics and shows the different views and coloration of many, many birds. I love it.

~ Mara

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