Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~ Frozen Pipes & Fall Migration ~

This morning I went out to feed and water the animals and found that there was no water coming out of any faucets. "Oh, that's just great." I thought to myself. I then told my parents that the pipes must have frozen overnight. Sure enough, they had. Grandpa, Dad and Mom spent all day long, thawing the pipes, replacing the pressure gauge and pressure switch, and insulating the pump house.

While they were fixing the catastrophe, Dad called me outside to see something. When I went out I heard it before I saw it - Over a hundred cranes in 3 different flocks! Most of them were Sandhill Cranes but I am sure I heard a Whooping Crane amongst them. Unfortunately, a snowy day does not offer good lighting so close-up pictures were out of the question. But I did get a few group pictures.

~ Mara


  1. Very cool about the birds, even though you couldn't get closer shots!

    And it sounds like the homesteading adventures just keep on comin'. ;)

  2. It was a spur of the moment thing. I came out to watch the cranes and then ran back in for the camera! :)

    And yes, they do!