Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~ Turkey Hunting ~

Today I was working outside with my parents, cleaning off the deck and organizing things in the barn, when a turkey hen landed in one of our pine trees to roost for the night. Little did she know Grandpa had a turkey permit and had not yet shot a turkey. So Momma called Grandpa and he came down the road, carrying his shotgun. He snuck around the barn to get a good clear shot at the bird while I snuck around the back of the house with my camera so I could get a clear shot of him. Grandpa's first shot hit the head, but the hen instinctively flew out of the tree. Grandpa fired a second shot while the bird was flying and hit the leg. She dropped down through a tall tree and left feathers all the way down. We ran through the briers and claimed our prize. After being skinned and cleaned she weighed almost 12 pounds. It was a good day.

~ Mara

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  1. lol dont you just love turkey lol

    --this is bekah by the way. had to use a really old AIM account to comment lol