Friday, October 14, 2011

~ October Farm Update ~

I shall attempt to make a list of all the animals we now have on our small 8.5-acre hobby farm. Bear with me here; it’s a long list. ;)

We have 1 dog named Crockett. I have blogged about him before and praised his cuteness.

We have 4 (soon to be even more) cats.
Grey C. is the eldest and has been with us longer than any of the other animals.
Baby is second, has had 2 kittens and is now expecting again.
Zorro and Tiger Lily are Baby’s kittens. And the cutest you’ll ever see!

We have 3 rabbits.
Hero is the male. I wanted to name him after some hero, but could not decide on one, so I simply named him Hero.
Missy belongs to my 8yo brother.
Bitsy belongs to my 3yo brother.
These three meat rabbits are going to be kept as breeding stock. I know it sounds horrible to some people, but we’ll be eating their offspring. (sorry!)
The plan is for me to train my brothers in how to take care of the rabbits so that they may one day take over the operation if and when I move away.

We have 6 Pekin ducks.
Mason. Named after Perry Mason in that awesome old TV show.
Drake. Named after Paul Drake in afore-mentioned show.
Della. Named after Della Street in… yes, you guessed it. ;)
Stella. Because it rhymed with Della I suppose.
And then come Molly and Dolly. I don’t know where those names came from, but they’re cute.

Then we have my favorite chicken, Ivory, who is a White Polish hen. She thinks she is a duck, following them wherever they go, drinking from their pond, and sleeping with them. She is definitely the funniest bird I have ever seen.

We currently have 34 chickens. I never knew that chickens could be so different from one another in the way they act. They all have their own attitudes and some are so naughty that they shall be sent to The Eternal Deep Freeze soon.

Well, there you have it. Our Cedar Cottage Farm has exactly 45 animals right now. When I am able to get some photos of our new rabbits, I shall post them here.

~ Mara

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