Thursday, September 8, 2011

~ Castles In The Air ~

We all have a castle in the air of some sort. It’s built on dreams, surrounded by wishes, and kept up with hopes. Our castles are always under construction, as each day brings a new idea of what we want for our future.

As we mature we find that not everything in life is perfect; sometimes it’s going to be a little rough and sometimes we’ll feel like we’re walking on clouds. But no matter what happens, we still have our castles. So we lie in the grass looking up at the stars while we build on our dreams . . .

Love & Marriage ~ When two people know for sure they are ready to give their heart to the other for life and take that big step towards marriage. The love of a family is grand, and the love of friends is comforting, but the love of that special someone is worth so much more - even more so when the love of God envelopes them all. The two become one, stay true and faithful, and never say goodbye until death parts their ways.

Home ~ We all have our ideas of what we want home to be like. It’s a haven and no matter if we live in a tiny apartment, or a grand old mansion, it’s our castle. My castle is a large white farm house on a hill, overlooking brilliant green pastures dotted with tree stumps and grey rocks, and a creek winding through the midst. Gardens here, fruit trees there; a perfect picture of peace.

Children ~ They are a blessing sent straight from God. A gift of love from above, a gift to teach us patience, and a gift to remind us that we have a great purpose in life; to teach our children right from wrong and watch them grow to build castles of their own.

Now that I have explained to you my ideas of a castle, do tell me yours for I would dearly love to hear!

<3 Meanwhile we keep building those turrets high, stretching hopes beyond the sky. <3

~ Mara


  1. Really good post, Mara! I love the way it was written, it seemed kinda whimsical. And I love your ideas of a castle.