Thursday, April 7, 2011

~ Beauty in The Boonies ~

Here is an update on Our Cedar Cottage Farm . . .

We now have two compost bins. Dad did a great job. :D

Pallets put together with long zip ties.

Crockett is on his lead with his doghouse.
And seems quite content digging holes in the yard.

We will be getting chicks this month or next, meat rabbits will arrive in June and we are shopping around for dairy goats. Perhaps a dairy cow?

We have already started seeds in our grandparents' basement. Pictures will be posted as soon as I get some.

When we start harvesting the fruits of our labor, we will sell them at Tractor Supply's Farmer's Market.

Our Cedar Cottage Farm is growing. :)

~ Mara


  1. MARA!!! Just so you know, I LOVE the design here on your blog!! It's beautiful! <3 <3