Tuesday, February 15, 2011

~ Another Birthday ~

Yesterday was my seventeenth birthday. Nothing spectacular - just a simple chocolate cake and a small party at my grandparents' house.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and did not want to go down the muddy road to get it, so I have no pictures of the cake, though Grandpa may be able to send me some of the photos I took using his camera.

Among other wonderful gifts from loving family members, I received Chicken Poop. Ah... inside jokes. ;)

I also got some very neat rain/muck boots - I have been looking at them for quite a while.

And one of my favorite birthday presents --- I smell spring in the air! The snow is melting and the road is muddy. Grey C. The Cat is now outside and very happy about it. Crockett will be moved outdoors as soon as we have built his fenced-in area. He has to be fenced in because he thinks that small animals are food.

Yes. He still wants to eat the cat. I am starting to think he always will...

~ Mara

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  1. - 'cause nothin' says "happy birthday" quite like chicken poop.